Tai Chi and Qigong Lessons at Meridians

By now many people are familiar with the scenes of groups of Chinese people moving slowly in unison in a park at dawn. The ancient practice of Tai Chi, comprised of breathing exercises and smooth meditative motions, has been demonstrated to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve coordination and balance. These factors are implicated in many common ailments today such as heart disease, chronic pain, weakened immune system and weight gain. Tai Chi practice exercises the mind/body connection, now known to be of significant importance to health. 

Debbie Dong is owner and manager of Meridians Eastern Health Alternatives, established in 1999. She studied under Master Si-tan Chen and Master Cui Yan, and has taught Tai Chi and Qigong for many years.

The lessons are taught in easy to absorb yet effective, short sets of motions (forms) appropriate for any age. The forms are derived from the most popular schools in practice.

The essence of Tai Chi is the cultivation and manipulation of the life energy or essence that is known as Qi. The balanced and unimpeded flow of this essence is critical to the proper functioning of the body’s psychological and physiological systems. Typically, Meridians’ practice would be to target particular problems with the use of acupuncture and herbs, while recommending Tai Chi exercise for additional support. Treated as a general exercise, it can become part of a way of life, and promote well-being and longevity.

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Call Debbie at 914-263-7762 to arrange.