Providing Fairfield and Westchester residents with fine Chinese herbs and teas, Qigong and Taichi lessons and access to acupuncture services for 15 years

People today are finding that they have to be their own health advocates, and more and more are turning to acupuncture and herbal approaches to fill an important gap in their personal health needs. With no side-effects, treatments address fundamental imbalances and so can be effective with a wide range of illnesses.

Our Offerings

Chinese and Western Bulk Herbs

Meridians carries a large compliment of Chinese Herbs, as well as the most well regarded western herbs. Try our bulk whole herbs to enjoy the inherent natural synergies of the complete plant. 

Loose and Packaged Teas

Pick up some good habits: Ginseng, Ginger and Chinese tea, a part of a
healthy life style in the East for centuries. Stop in for a  taste. 

Qigong, Tai Chi Lessons

Delve deeper into these ancient arts. Learn techniques and exercises to get in touch with your Chi, improve your health and well-being. Personalized or group lessons can be arranged.

Tai-ji / Qigong group lessons now offerred in Somers, Saturdays at 2:30pm. Gentle exercise regime demonstrated to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve coordination and balance. Call or email to register.

Please email us if you're interested in registering.




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